Wainman Hawaii

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

I just want to say that I am very pleased to confirm that I will now be riding for Wainman Hawaii ! It feels good and right for me to be apart of this amazing adventure. From the beginning, Lou has always been the guy I looked up too because from my point of view he is the reason kiting is what it is today. He was always the one trying to push the sport further and in the right direction with new tricks and his unique style on the water. So for me it is an honor to ride for his brand.

With some sick kites and surfboards from Wainman Hawaii I am now looking forward for a year with some exiting traveling in search for some epic wave riding!

Right now I am in Hawaii with the whole Wainman crew, the wind is finely back here and we are riding and testing the gear everyday. It all looks good! It is amazing how good the gear work and I am sure it will help to improve my riding.

I will soon be back with an update.

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  1. chris says:

    This news makes me very happy, since i’m a big fan of your style
    enjoy the gear, and i’ll be enjoying your riding!

    Wainman hawaii Netherlands

  2. will margy says:


  3. Congratulations, both to you and Wainman Hawaii for recruiting some very special gear for the gang!

    Feel free to show up in Portugal for some wave blasting in Guincho beach! You’ll miss nothing here!

    Best regards from the GUSTYKITE team in Portugal!

  4. Johnny D says:

    Hey congrats! I wish I was standing on pro beach!! After my trip to Maui and having Lou get me out on his gear I am proud to be a part of this companies success! Best of luck to you in the future!!

  5. Great news on joining the rabbit Gang Bertrand, hopefully see you over in UK or Netherlands for the Wainman Tour 2010.


    WH UK

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