Boat trip in Cabo Verde

Monday, February 7th, 2011

I am just back on land in Sal after a 10 days sailing trip around the islands of Cabo Verde. It has been 6 years since my last trip to Cabo Verde and so much have changed here. Huge hotels have popped up everywhere, lots of tourist, but the waves are still the same, beautiful. Since I have ridden the famous wave of Punta Preta before and I find it way too off shore and crowded for kitesurfing, we decided that we wanted to go and check out some of the other islands and see what we could find. I got in touch with Yoann, a French guy who has spent the last 5 years on the island and who owns a nice catamaran. He is also a windsurfer, kiter and surfer, so he was the perfect guy to hook up with for some inside information about the place and where we should go to find some good waves. So together with him, Tuva and the local ripper Mittu we sailed down south to Boa Vista. 30 knot of wind all day, everyday and a big swell made the trip pretty hard with the ruff sea, but it was a fun experience. We found many good waves for surfing, but most of them where too off shore for kiting. But in the end we did find some cool spots and with the new gear it makes it possible to kite off shore spots that you before could not. The whole story will be out in the next Stance with a little video from the trip and some cool shots from the photographer Maxime wewe
Check out this link to the website off Yoann, he is doing charter as