Indo Kite Camp 2015

We are now getting ready for Lineup Indokitecamp 2015. Improve your wave riding in perfect conditions at maybe the best


INDOKITECAMP from tuva jansen on Vimeo. Tuva Jansen and Bertrand Fleury are inviting you to join them at their home

Indo never fails

Here are some photos from my trip to Indonesia this year taken by Quincy. We had a sick season with


  Since Aya was born in Norway in Feb. we did not get to Maui before March and the end

Episode 2 from Morocco

Check the episode 2 of my trip to Morocco.

Episode 1 from my trip to Morocco

Bertrand, ripping the local Dakhla waves.Check the videos!

Covers and Ads in 2011

Some Bertrand’s media, ads and covers from 2011.

Indonesia 2011

The season here has been really good this year, lots of wind and good waves. The last 2 months we

Some good sessions in Hossegor, France

Hossegor is one of the stops for the WCT tour, so here you can find some of the best waves


So finely we were allowed a good session at Hookipa, and for that to happen it had to be a

Kitecamp Indonesia 2011

Hurry up and sign up for the last few spots on our wave camp this summer in Indonesia! For more

Boat trip in Cabo Verde

I am just back on land in Sal after a 10 days sailing trip around the islands of Cabo Verde.